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The victim was transported to a local hospital and eventually succumbed to his injuries. The vehicle matched the description and had damage consistent with the pedestrian collision. Officer attempted to find the registered owner of the vehicle.

They found the registered owner goes to work at about the same time the collision occurred and that the owner uses North Main Street.

The owner had not returned home since the collision.

At this time, no further information, to include identification, will be released.

Release Date/Time: 10/31/2017 AMIncident: Homicide Date: Tuesday, 10/31/2017Time: AMLocation: 200 block of Cross Ave Release Authorized by: Sgt.

Salinas Police Detectives responded and, working with the CSI Unit, processed the scene in the event that it is later determined that a crime did, in fact, take place.

We are currently awaiting autopsy results to make that determination.

Today at about PM the owner came to the police department.

During an interview he admitted to being the driver who fled the scene.

A BOL had been placed for the owner as a person of interest.


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