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Series creator Greg Berlanti ha A smart, if at times sudsy, multigenerational drama about a New York doctor who moves to Colorado with his two kids after his wife's death and opens a clinic.

Then in the role which Sarah may always be known for, in 2007, she was cast as Ellie Bartowski in the dramedy series Chuck.

Three seasons later and recently renewed for a fourth season, the little-spy-drama-that-could has proven time and time again that it has captured the hearts of viewers everywhere.

But man, oh, man do we miss his sweet, sweet Everwood High School days.

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Sarah had the monumental task of being both good enough for Gregory Smith’s character and yet mature enough to know that he was too young to be a father.

With uncommon ease, Sarah was up to the challenge and won over viewers and critics alike with her portrayal.Sarah Lancaster (born February 12, 1980) is an American actress.She is known for her long-running roles as Rachel Meyers in the NBC series Saved by the Bell: The New Class and Ellie Bartowski in the NBC comedy-spy series Chuck, as well as playing Madison Kellner on The WB's Everwood and Marjorie in ABC's TV series What About Brian.During the two seasons she appeared as Madison on Everwood, Sarah was the notorious other woman who seduced Ephram and then gave their child up for adoption behind his back.For those who never saw the show, this sounds salacious and scandalous, but only in Everwood and, with a very delicate performance by Sarah, was this storyline one of the most beautiful and touching stories of the series.We are dying to see what new layer she will unveil next!


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