Sccm update distribution point not updating

(Microsoft releases security patches the second Tuesday of each month, which is often referred to as Patch Tuesday.) So, I'll walk you through how to set up a Patch Tuesday deployment.First, though, you need to be familiar with the components in a software update solution.A software update group is a group of updates that can be deployed to devices. A software update group can be created automatically using the Automatic Update Rule feature or manually by selecting the updates.

The Automatic Deployment Rule will create the first deployment.

All other deployments in the software update group will need to be created manually. Collections containing the letters MW all have a configured maintenance window.

After the components are created, approving and deploying monthly updates can take less than 10 minutes.

The components and the recommended strategy for how often they should be created are as follows.

The deployment is a child object of a software update group.

Like any other deployment, it contains information about the installation purpose, schedule, and user experience (e.g., whether to restart the computer after an update if needed).

A device will apply maintenance windows from all the collections of which it is a member. The Automatic Deployment Rule is a very powerful feature that lets you fully automate the software update deployment process.

The rule contains information about the run time, what updates to download, where to store the updates, and whether the deployment will be automatically enabled.

A software update point is a Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) server controlled by SCCM.

Unlike a standalone WSUS solution, clients don't download or install updates directly from a software update point.

You'll have to create a number of deployments each month. The Referenced Collections column specifies the number of referenced collections.


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