School nudist camp

" ", but all the same..." "Look, you remember how up tight your parents were about sex, and how you swore you would be different when we had kids? Everyone was hungry; and there wasn't much talk as they ate their food.

You don't want Beth to grow up thinking our bodies are something to be ashamed of, do you? " "Well then, I'm sure she didn't mean to be offensive." "I really didn't Dad." "It's normal for them to be curious, so if they want to ask questions or make comments, then, providing they are polite, I think that's ok, don't you? As they sat relaxing in the warm evening weather, Angela gently fanned herself with a small electric fan. I must say, it makes it a lot more comfortable in this weather being naked." "Well it seems I'm the only one not enjoying the benefits," replied Beth. It's just more comfortable." "I know, but I might as well join the party, I suppose." "Well, of course, if you're sure." Beth sat up and reached behind her back to undo her top, thrusting her perky boobs out as she did, before removing it and proudly displaying her breasts.

She knew she couldn't compete with her mom; but she's heard some men preferred small, pert boobies.

The combination meant that her perky boobs were mostly visible through her top; and he could almost make out a small patch of trimmed hair in her bottoms.

He could feel his cock begin to swell, and was contemplating whether he should ask her for another hand job on the way back.

NUDIST FAMILY HOLIDAY CHAPTER 3 Kevin had a fairly relaxed afternoon at the lakeside, there were quite a few hotties for him to admire; and thanks to his sister's hand job, he was able to stay fairly cool about it.

Most of the girls seemed to be happy naked, which was fine with Kevin; but Beth was getting her share of admiring looks as well.

"I think you've got enough meat there to feed the whole camp! "That's some piece of meat you have there as well, Dad!

" Before she realised it the words had left Beth's mouth. Sorry I didn't..." "Young lady you had better not have said what I thought you did!! I'm sure Bethany didn't mean it." "Angela, this is not appropriate..." "I know, I know... " "Cool." Kevin opened a couple of bottles, and sat drinking one as Beth emerged from the RV. " "I said he could have one; and the same applies to you Beth." "Oh..then." She crossed over to the cooler and slowly bent over, making a show of selecting a beer.

So he just followed behind, admiring her firm ass as it swayed in front of him. " chirped Kevin, happy to have the chance to ogle his mom's knockers again. The hunter has returned with plenty of food to feed his family!

They arrived back at the RV in time to see that Roger and Angela were just getting ready to start cooking. "Yea, fine," muttered Beth, as she flopped into one of the chairs. " Roger emerged from the RV carrying a large bag of meat he'd brought back with him; but it wasn't that which caught Beth's eye.

It contains scenes of an explicit sexual nature including incest so if you find such material offensive please do not read any further.


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