Scottish adult chat

This kitten, named Susie, was then bred to domestic cats and British Shorthair cats to establish the folded ear.To this day, every Scottish fold can trace her ancestry to Susie.

End the day with a lively night of festivities at the cobbled lanes of Temple Bar.

So much more than the capital city, Dublin is a place of heritage, character, and more cute pubs than you could crawl in a week.

Step into a local pub and down Irish stew over live music and chats with locals.

Outside will be just as lively, with buskers & colourful buildings lining the streets.

It's impossible to choose a favourite when Scotland & Ireland go head to head. And there's no better way than this 13-day Contiki vacay, starting in Edinburgh and finishing off in Dublin. We'll look around a fishing port and the seaside town of Portree, all the while learning how people live in this dramatic environment.

Strictly for the purpose of being cultural, you should probably make time for a traditional deep fried chocolate bar during your day. Time to explore an island famed for its pastel houses that fringe the coastline like a giant selection of marshmallows.The Scottish Fold needs some interactive play with her parent in order to keep in good condition.While the coat is an easy one to care for, she appreciates being brushed as part of play.It's a castle, a cathedral & mountains of medieval charm before we hit the road again for Cork. But not before the chance to sample some of Ireland's famous whiskey at the Jameson's Distillery in Middleton. Even when the skies are grey, Cork is covered in colour and good vibes.Stroll the River Lee or grab your first Guinness in the comfort of a pub, if you didn't get your hands on one in Dublin.But the Scottish Fold as we know her today was first born in 1961 in Pertshire, Scotland.

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