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The man appears to be dressed in a police commando's uniform: black trousers over what seems to be a black wet suit, a vest with many stuffed pockets and the word politi on the right breast, a backpack.He also is carrying two guns—a rifle with an elaborate sight and a bayonet affid to the muzzle and, in his right hand, a pistol. He now suspects that he should, in fact, be afraid. He senses other kids around him, also moving in a slow half-crouch.One year ago, a heavily armed man dressed as a police officer appeared on the beach of a youth summer camp in Norway. As told by the survivors, these are the beat-by-beat horrors of those terrifying 198 minutes Two hours after the bomb explodes in Oslo, Adrian Pracon hears two sharp bangs, like a hammer striking metal.

She was Norway's first female prime minister and is affectionately known as "the Mother of Norway." She is scheduled to stay through dinner at the camp.

The Labor Party Youth League (Arbeidernes Ungdomsfylking in Norwegian, abbreviated to AUF) has held a camp on Utoeya every summer for sixty-one years.

It slopes up steeply from the jetty, and Adrian is at the top of the hill, near the cafeteria.

He is 21, though it's only his first year at the summer camp for young liberals. Two people at the top of the slope fall, abruptly and awkwardly, in midstride.

Already he is charmed, almost smitten, by the place. Adrian steps off the main path, out of the way of the others charging up the hill. He wonders if he is witnessing an elaborate ercise, if perhaps the organizers are trying to show hundreds of young campers what it would be like to live in a war zone.

_This, _he thought after he arrived on a clear Norwegian day, Another three bangs. He does not recognize the noises as gunfire, and the words being screamed are so implausible as to be fantasy. A blond man in a black outfit is climbing the hill. At the top of the hill, he turns left, toward the field where the kids have staked their tents.

By the end of the day, seventy-seven people had been killed, the deadliest attack in that country since World War II.

The island, named Utoeya, pokes out of a glacial lake called Tyrifjorden twenty-five miles west of Oslo.

The building is known as H-Block, and it is part of the government complex in central Oslo.


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