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), who claim to have feeds from (although I can’t see that Match would agree to such a thing) and (although Markus told me last year that he’d never offer feeds to a site like that). They couldn’t get any feeds from any dating sites, and went down the very erroneous route of ‘scraping’ dating sites…not a great idea, and they’ve now lost their shirt on this search engine venture…

) We’ve been testing our own site since January, 2008, and over that time, we’ve gathered sufficient data to give you a good idea of what’s going on inside these “search engines” and whether something like this will ever work in the world of online dating. People don’t “shop” on a dating comparison site like they do for other products & services. The dating sites won’t work with you (as much as you’d like).

Visitors spend a huge amount of time browsing around (on average 3 x what they spend on our other sites), but are less likely to go on to register. The top sites are making too much money already to do anything that is not seen as core in their business plans.

And as for market value, those days of jam tomorrow are long gone (“we’re just on the cusp of signing a big deal with EMI…how often have you heard that type of statement? In all honesty, if an aggregator’s offering doesn’t offer the top, well-known dating sites, consumers won’t buy, and they won’t trust you as a totally impartial service. Everyone to date (including us) has tried to be too clever.

The consumer doesn’t want to browse through thousands of profiles (well, some might, but they’re not the type that are serious about online dating), and the dating sites (the ones that count) don’t want to provide feeds.

We were mailing each other and chatting on for a year before we planned our first meeting, but by that time we knew each other so well that we decided to go out together straight after our first date.» more Complete your profile.

The more you have on your profile about yourself the more people will get to know you.

If you’ve been involved with a Narcissist, you have likely been doubting what your senses have been telling you.

You have invested so much and to walk away without a return on your investment seems unfathomable.

Lycos tried it a few years ago, offering dating sites $ per click in return for their data feeds, but that didn’t take off.

Then a few people we’ve spoken to along the way have said “Great idea! We had the idea a few years ago, but did nothing with it…” And then we came across a while back (sorry, we’re not daft enough to give them a free link!

It’s when we start to see things from a different perspective.


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