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To prevent ingrowns, continue to treat the area with a salicylic acid cleanser.

Uni K Wax Center founder Noemi Grupenmager recommends applying a cold pack "to close the pores and prevent ingrown hairs."And there you have it.

It was partially a feminist WTH (to state the obvious, women don't have sex the day you get waxed? They could use a barrier cream (like Aquaphor), but it really depends on the person." It also depends on the technician.

Despite this — or possibly because of this — his passing seems to have made far fewer ripples outside of the queer community. George Michael, at the peak of his career, was one of the biggest stars of the 1980s. Possibly because I was a sheltered preteen just starting to feel the stirrings of adolescence, I vividly remember what a huge shock Michael was to America’s sexual mores during the era of 1987’s .

I remember the bombardment of media attention he drew, the hand-wringing over his embodiment of sex appeal, and the constant salacious teasing over whether he was gay.

As of the writing of this article, there are 74,000 people watching a live stream of April the giraffe just slowly wandering around her pen, flicking her tail, and stretching. So instead of just sitting there watching a video feed, take this time to learn a little something about April and what she’s been through for the Okay. We’ll start at the beginning of this beautiful process: conception. Instead they have an estrous cycle, which is a lot like the human menstrual cycle (but with less blood and slightly different hormones). Then when the lady starts a-peein’, the gent leans down and tastes it.

The male giraffes don’t just mate with the ladies all the time, so they generally try to find a way to determine is the lady is fertile. If he tastes hormones that indicate she’s in heat, the beautiful mating ritual begins.

And beyond the whole irritation thing, what about bacteria? "Those holes will harbor bacteria."Broken skin or not, "the pores are open, so they're more susceptible to bacteria," points out Michelle Mapes, a longtime aesthetician at Stark Waxing Studio in Los Angeles, who recommends that most people wait a minimum of 12 hours before having sex. "If they're freshly trimmed, their pubic hair could potentially hurt your freshly waxed skin," warns Shays. If it's oral sex and they have a beard, that could irritate, too.

"Waxing seriously exfoliates the skin, and it takes time for the outer layer to regenerate," she says. My recommendation is to always wait 24 hours, but again, it's different for everyone. But if the skin looks or feels compromised, then have sex."Temper any tenderness and irritation with a salve such as Aquaphor or pure aloe vera gel.

Anyway, now the lady giraffe is pregnant and she stays that way for 400 to 460 days.

Her mate has already abandoned her—males play no role in raising the young (sorry, April, but your loving partner Oliver has already checked out). She gives birth standing up, which means her baby falls literally head first onto the ground from about six feet in the air.

Once the male rears up on his hind legs and mounts her successfully, he ejaculated in mere seconds.

Sometimes he can go again (and sometimes again after that) each time only for a few seconds—as his partner continually walks away from him. But don’t worry—it’s not just the females who have to deal with what must be a deeply unsatisfying mating ritual. The internet likes to cite the number 94 as the percent of all giraffe sex that’s homosexual in nature.

But the kind of sexual “Freedom” that George Michael was offering felt uniquely empowering and deviant in ways that I, a queer kid who would remain in denial about it for years, couldn’t yet parse.

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