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Richardson claims research and development is being poured into the concept without thinking about the social repercussions.She told the BBC: At the forefront of her campaign are claims that sex robots will reinforce and promote negative concepts regarding the objectification of women and their role in society.

In essence, the Roxxxy is basically a laptop attached to a fleshlight.

She cannot move independently and she appears to be pulling an expression reminiscent of sheer terror - which is hardly something I'd like to look at during sex.

Furthermore, the dialogue she does spout seems to be mostly limited to pretty questionable dirty talk.

In fact, True Companion's 'hands on videos' for Roxxxy provide a rather harrowing viewing experience (Warning: Slightly NSFW video, although there's no nudity, robotic or otherwise): Although Hines claims his company has received thousands of pre-orders for the $7,000 machine, experts remain skeptical about its broad mainstream viability.

Even at an advanced technology conference, movie stars can somehow command the attention of an entire room simply by showing up. The World Robot Conference in Beijing was reportedly taken by storm this week when the latest iteration of Geminoid F – an almost terrifyingly-realistic robot woman – made an appearance during the show.

Known to many as "the world's sexiest robot," the rubber-skinned android can speak, sing, and even act according to China's state-run news service.

Chief executive Douglas Hines claims his products can provide a lot of enjoyment to people who may be unable, or unwilling, to pursue "real" relationships.

He explained: We are not supplanting the wife or trying to replace a girlfriend.

However, that doesn't mean there are not companies out there who see the sex robot industry as the massive money pie it might one day be.


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