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Today I went for a run because I’ve been in a really negative place in my head for a few days owing to a) overwhelm; b) women’s troubles; c) anxiety. Tests are currently available at the discounted rate of £190 (usually £270) and Chris is one of a handful of trainers in the UK who offer this type of testing. We aren’t fitness and health saints but we do have some absolute no go rulings. And last but not least, my newest pre and post natal post all about nutrition post baby. What women really need to eat after pregnancy, labour and birth. TWITTER: @fitschoolessex FACEBOOK: ccfitschool WEBSITE: like to lift weights. There’s a tranquility and peace I find in silent, solo practice that I don’t get from other types of exercise. And having spoken with so many women in the fitness industry and women who are exercisers (rather than non-exercisers) it always comes back to mental wellbeing.

If you are breast feeding, it’s important to re-stock any lost calories fast after you exercise.

If you don’t you’ll feel shattered and probably reach for the chocolate box.

If you’ve experienced our Fit School ways, you know we’re about progression. There are tweaks and different ways of doing exercises.

There may even be a change of instructor or pace but it’s all leading to the same end. I do of course understand that work commitments or childcare can make ‘drop in’ or ‘pay as you go’ the only realistic option and of course it’s better than none at all.

This isn’t a criticism on beginners wanting to get started (or on my lovely committed gym goer participants). You could dip your toe in, plant a few bulbs and hope for the best. You get a bit of fresh rosemary but your mint goes to seed, the thyme dries out and caterpillars destroy what was left of your basil.

Regular readers will know I love beginners and I’m all for just moving a bit more. But Pilates is a system of exercise best served with regular practice and experience and it’s no surprise to me that the participants who re-book, reap the rewards of Pilates, rarely (if ever) get injured and who are my class superstars, are those who are there week after week and NEVER ask, ‘do you do pay as you go? Spring comes and a few bloom but you never really figure out why they’re a bit average and what happened to the 80% that have just bolted and failed to flower. If however you learn from your own mistakes and experience, ask advice and questions from those with more experience, immerse yourself in books or magazines and just get out there a bit more often to spot the garden critters and changing environment, your efforts will bear much fruit.

If you aren’t getting much sleep and start running regularly, it could add to the exhaustion. But do give yourself time to recover before you get back to it.

I don’t want to be the miserly running police but I do want to ensure you get the best advice out there. Whether your a beginner or a life long fan of Pilates, the aim of the game is to achieve a level of fitness, strength, mobility and flexibility that allows you to perform ‘the moves’ and feel good.

So in honour of this week’s voting I’m sharing my top 5 pre and post natal blog posts. Your body is different post baby to pre baby, it won’t feel the same.

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