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In a civil SAPO petition, you are asking the court to order the perpetrator to stay away from you.

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A person who does not qualify for a domestic violence protection order and is a victim of any stalking conduct may be eligible for a Stalking Protection Order. The order can require the offender to stay away from you, your home, school, work or other places you request, and to have no further contact with you, including through third parties.

Stalking conduct includes stalking as defined by RCW 9A.46.110, cyberstalking as defined by RCW 9.61.260 or repeated contacts, attempts to contact, monitoring, tracking, keeping under observation, or following another person and causing a person to feel intimidated, frightened, or threatened. A SAPO cannot protect other family or household members - it applies only to the individual victim of sexual assault who seeks protection through the order.

To get a Civil Anti-Harassment Order, you must show that the defendant has harassed you.

The law defines "harassment" a series of acts that: Vulnerable Adult Protection Order (RCW ) A vulnerable adult protection order is a civil protection order that is brought on behalf of a vulnerable adult.

You can file for a SAPO regardless of whether there is a pending lawsuit, complaint, petition, or other actions between you and the offender.

If you have reported to law enforcement, the prosecutor or judge may issue a SAPO in connection with the criminal prosecution of a sex offense.

You are not asking the court to punish the perpetrator for committing a crime.

You are not required to have reported the sexual assault to the police.

If you are a victim of sexual assault in a criminal proceeding, the prosecutor or judge can order a SAPO in connection with the criminal case against the offender at any time throughout the prosecution of the case, and/or as a condition of sentence.

Civil Law Under civil law, one person sues another person for a wrong.

A SAPO cannot require the offender to register as a sex offender. Non-consensual means that you did not freely give agreement to the sexual conduct or penetration. This means you need to know their name and have a location or address where the offender can be found.


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