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I have a boyfriend and we have been dating for several years now and things are good.

The thing is I have always had a big foot fetish, and recently I left my computer on foot fetish blog and he pretty much found out. I know this sounds silly but its been bothering me.

Dir: Joe Davian Cult director Joe Davian's classic XXX/horror hybrid is the tale of a darkly possessed house which unleashes the perverse spirit of De Sade in swinging young couples. "The World's Mightiest Adult Film" is a bombastic epic (the film runs a full 15 minutes before the credits kick in! It’s sequel Grand Prix (1975, 60m) offers up more teenage race fans in amazing hardcore action. Carter Steven's kinky supernatural tale amidst wall to wall fucking. Cast: Annie Sprinkle, Nico, George Payne George Payne marries Annie Sprinkle and he becomes delusional, believing that he is the Marquis De Sade. Davian, master of erotic menace, in one of his more jovial moods. Annie models for the Hump cigarette company's new "Blow Some My Way" ad campaign. Pornocopia Sexualis shows off Joe Davian at his raunchy and stylistically audacious best. Vanessa takes it in all holes in the climactic orgy. KINKY PERVERSION Peak into the sex lives of dominants, fetishists, and adorable bald beavered girls. Undercover cops train women to be total slave sluts and force a peace loving hippy to manhandle a bound captive.

Rene Bond, Sandy Dempsey, Uschi Digard, John Holmes, Cyndee Summers. Supercharger (1975, 60m) is an absolute classic filled with very cute young things in unbelievable action! Cast: Nicole Bernard, Danny Stevens, Martin Patton, David Christopher. Cast: Terri Hall, Annie Sprinkle, Ras Kean, Red Baron. It's set during the 1977 New York blackout, although the lights in the apartments are still working! Alone in their cells, the women masturbate feverishly-one uses a fork, another a Barbie doll... FANNY aka FANNIE Starring: Annie Sprinkle, Jean Dalton, Alan Marlow, Alicia Trent A dating service gives their clients the opportunity to view the explicit sex acts of the person they wish to date. Starring: Vanessa Del Rio, Jamie Gillis, David Christopher Strange and insane, The Final Test is filled with strong oedipal content, obvious drug-use, and wildly perverted heavy bondage. Starring: Vanessa Del Rio, Cindy West, Marc Stevens Marc Stevens plays a gold miner and has an extended and amazing scene with Cindy West in a tent. Bolla, Herschel Savage Hard nosed crime caper involving drug smugglers and plenty of hot action. A naive young Kansas girl in NYC is conned by a pimp who teaches her her first lessons in taking black cock and ass fucking. Rape by dildos and cocks and repeated beating is the only way she will learn to obey.

Gladys and Her All Girl Band (1976, 60m) is another Shawn Costello jam, this time showcasing the double penetration of Terri Hall and the deep oral skills of CJ Lainge! Davian delivers another hard nosed roughie 15 hours of 1970s' style depravity!!! This is the 1st Box Set in a series that highlights obscure UNDERGROUND 1970's Feature films.

Combines the pages of the Kenneth Anger book, early film footage and reenactments of infamous Hollywood scandals (most involving sex! The all star cast of this Shaun Costello film includes Tina Russell, Marc Stevens as Joe Cock, and Jamie Gillis as the drummer! APPOINTMENT WITH AGONY 1976 Cast: Vanessa Del Rio Scumbags capture and humiliate a hitchhiker and a family of four. PREY OF A CALL GIRL 1975 A murder investigation leads to a hooker and lots of steamy rough sex.

Super sleazy early 70's grinder costarring super skinny blonde Orita De Chadwich! Vanessa Del Rio, Seka, Veronica Hart, Arcadia Lake, Dir.: Anthony Spinelli. Hot Ass- Crystal and Lysa love to explore each other’s tight little back doors.

Another off beat and fantastic journey from Seka and director Svetlana. Includes Rectum Rippers- Busty Connie in glasses offers up her young cunt and ass for her friends to fuck. Includes Disco Girls- Tawny Pearl has a dance party with her little friend and shows her more than some new moves! Candice is an island savage that captures and abuses male slave David Christopher. Ultra savage BDSM cinema from the masters at Avon Productions. Starring roles in the Johnny Wadd film The Jade Pussycat and Alex De Renzy’s Femmes De Sade make her easily one of the most familiar stars of the era. 52m.) A classy lady loves the abuse a filthy gang member delivers. 59m.) A bratty and busty virgin is taught to be a good little girl through strict training and discipline. 60m.) One of the most shocking and politically incorrect teenage films of the 70’s. A giant black stud gives a tiny Asian lass multiple anal orgasms! Long Dong Silver, Johnny Keyes, Red Barron, Annie Sprinkle. No Morals- a daughter looks on while her mother is shagged by the plumber and the fucks a male doll. Mistress Candice, Marlene Willoughby, Joey Karson, George Payne, Ron Jeremy. Mistress Candice, Long Jeanne Silver, Ashley Moore. Linda Wong was the first Asian American porn star, and remains one of the industry’s sexiest and most exotic Chinese performers to this day. 57m.) Young women recount having their cherries popped and lesbian sleepover flings! 62m.) Holmes is a drug dealer who uses a porn movie to blackmail a sexy chick into selling one last batch of coke for him. Holmes’ hilarious narration is the icing on the cake to the classic scenes of him spearing young girls with his 12” meat rocket. 59m.) Holmes plays a horny sailor in this exploration of the mysterious world of adult personal ads. Three cuddly maidens use their country charms to dry up the feds! 57m.) Pigtailed hillbilly teens do their best to get knocked up down on the farm. 60m.) Naïve blonde Georgian teen is used and abused in the big city. Other films include: A devious anal villain in Hard Black Love - Pam’s Ass! In Debbie Does Hawaii (1975, 78m) a sexy blonde virgin goes off to college in Hawaii. The female dominance angle is harnessed by Cheri Champagne, who gives the long suffering Alan "Spike" Adrian a wicked session. George gives Ambrosia Fox his particular brand of religious instruction. One of director Phil Prince's best and most personal films. He's stunned when his prudish wife (Mistress Electra) turns up in one. But wait a minute..just had a one-night stand with a girl who sounds exactly like this Susan, and she gave him the wildest sex imaginable. Written and directed by Helmut Richler (Shaun Costello). Pre-Deep Throat fame, Harry Reems plays a shell-shocked vet just back from Vietnam, pumping gas and following women home after they use his service station. Roger Caine plays private eye Dan Mc Cord and his case involves finding a missing wife caught up in a white slavery ring. plays Barbara Benedict, mistress to Russ and best friend of his wife, who arranges for Sultana (black starlet Gloria Todd) and her thug henchmen (Herschel Savage and Dave Ruby) to kidnap and drug Roseanne. He attempts to sell his latest story; his account of his investigation into her kinky other personality. Cast: Sharon Mitchell A group of sex cultist find their leader has been done in. A taboo-breaking film dealing with enemas and scat. COWGIRLS IN CHAINS Multiple men share submissive women; A young tramp masturbates her asshole on the back of a donkey and invites two guys to join in, and a guy gives his buddy a bondage lesson that their soft skinned captive will never forget. Takes the 'Story of O' to another level, where piercing, beating, severe discipline and even death are all part of being the perfect slave. A slutty model is kidnapped and enjoys lesbianism with her captive companion. SECRET DESIRE A rampaging father ties his own daughter in the attic and attacks her mercilessly. The raunchy loop style hardcore is spiced with rope bondage, catfights, close up syringe injections, and mannequin fucking. Vanessa stars in the deviant shocker from an age when porn could shock, arouse and challenge. Tonight we offer you a tropical triple treat imported from horny Hawaii. George Payne plays a silver haired man with familial problems, which he solves by giving elfin submissives Ambrosia Fox and Velvet Summers sassy spankings. Cheri Champagne humiliates wimpy Martin Patton and sets her comeuppance in a pillory. She does it all-verbal degradation, hair whipping, tit smacking and a piss soaked climax. She hypnotizes him and the nightmares become real and uncontrollable. A mild mannered computer programmer watches hardcore loops at the weekly stag parties given by his buddy Harry (Carter Stevens). Al Levitzsky is Dan Mc Cord, Private Investigator, hired to find a mysterious young woman named Susan. A Warren Evans film (made under the Russ Carlson pseudonym). gets hers via a bondage sandwich scene, but Russ arrives too late to find his wife. A writer discovers his wife has a secret life with another husband. Laing, Eric Edwards, Marlene Willoughby, Gloria Leonard, Sharon Mitchell, Long Jeanne Silver. CULT OF THE SCORPION A box of sex toys leads a young girl to a sex cult who may have had something to do with her sister's disappearance. A drug ring shoots up women with heroin, hypnotizes them, and turns them into sex slave assassins.Hi guys, I really love your videos and congrats on all the success you guys have had.


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