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“She has the signature brown fur and white markings that all baby tapirs are born with, which helps to provide camouflage in the forest.She will begin to get her adult colouration at around three months old.

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You should avoid areas that may be targeted for demonstrations and exercise caution in the vicinity of any large gatherings, protests or demonstrations.

Crime: Petty theft and violent crime in Kuala Lumpur continue to be concerns.

Criminals also target motorists stuck in traffic or stopped at a light with smash and grab robberies.

Keep valuables out of sight while driving or remove them from the car (including from the trunk) when parked. citizens and businesses continue to be frequent victims of internet-based scams originating in Malaysia and have reported millions of dollars in losses. Resources on how to protect yourself from financial fraud can be found on our International Financial Scams information page.

A Malay tapir – a species that is endangered in the wild – has been born at Edinburgh Zoo.

The female calf, named Maya, was born to mother Sayang and father Mowgli and has been finding her feet.“The programme has a high demand for female tapirs to help create a diverse safety-net population to ensure that the species does not go extinct in the wild,” Ms Stiven added.The Malay tapir, also known as the Asian tapir, is the largest of four tapir species and is the only Old World tapir.These incidents can occur anytime or anywhere and have also targeted men.Avoid wrapping purse straps around arms or shoulders to avoid injury.It is native to the rainforests of Burma, Malaysia, Sumatra and Thailand.


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