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Those were such innocent times, soon to be much less so.

It was in the making of that brilliant first album, holed up in a cabin in Sag Harbor, L. “Stephen and David loved cocaine, and I wasted no time acquiring their appetites,” Nash writes.

Young distanced himself, sometimes showing up, sometimes recording from another location. The salesman, who didn’t want a pair of longhaired hippies near his gleaming cars, had to hand over the keys.

While everyone was off working their own projects, Crosby and Nash together, “Déjà Vu” exploded on the charts.

The helicopter malfunctioned and brought them down on site with a hard landing that somewhat presaged their futures together.

Over and over, they’d come together only to crash again.

They took the first flight out and didn’t tell Stills. “What can you do with someone who’s blasted out of his skull? They lost the better part of the $7 million that was to be made from the tour.

When things had cooled, Stills made the mistake of inviting Nash to sing on his first solo album, the one that would produce “Love the One You’re With.” At the session, Nash made a date with backup singer Rita Coolidge.Then came the shootings at Kent State University, and Young wrote the protest song, “Ohio,” in minutes.They cut it immediately and had it out in two weeks’ time. Young was seriously “p------” about Stills’ cocaine use.Crosby himself had just recently ended things with Mitchell, but he was generous with his women, one night even asking his girlfriend, Christine Hinton, to head downstairs to share Nash’s bed.Later, Stills’ “beast of a place” in the Hollywood Hills would provide another sprawling hippie haven.But Stills wanted her, and called and canceled in Nash’s name, taking her out instead.

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