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Safe Connections can also provide free confidential counseling. Louis community for free confidential counseling is the YWCA of Metro St.

Actions can be on a larger scale, like organizing an educational program for campus that helps facilitate understanding about sexual assault.

It might also mean intervening or getting help if you see a troubling situation among friends or even strangers.

Even if you do not yet know if you want to make a report to law enforcement, you can have a forensic examination performed at no cost to you; you can decide at a later time if you wish to make a report to law enforcement.

If the assault has just occurred and you wish to preserve evidence for a possible law enforcement investigation, do not wash any bedding or take a shower until you have completed the examination.

Any report of alleged sexual misconduct will be pursued by Saint Louis University to the extent possible.

Trigger Warning: These scenarios describe situations that some readers may find disturbing based on past personal experiences.

When you go to the hospital following a sexual assault and have a forensic examination, the nurse will typically need to take the clothing you were wearing during the assault.

Therefore, it is important to not wash those clothes if you have not already done so. Please Note: The contact listed below in this section are not confidential reporting contacts.

Student safety and well-being is of the utmost concern when dealing with a report of sexual misconduct.

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