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Many people do the whole “you make me feel” blaming thing, and shaming, rather than having a proper conversation.

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Without that end goal, I don’t know how sustainable that relationship really is.

Not knowing when you are properly going to be reunited with your partner makes you feel uncertain, anxious, and worried about whether he or she is seeing somebody else.

Even for people in a committed relationship for 10-20 years, separation for any length of time is still hard.

And much as it’s nice to Skype someone, it’s not the same as being with them face to face.

However, if you are with someone in Australia or China, it’s another story.

We asked leading relationship expert Diana Parkinson to help us determine whether or not that long lost lover really is Are long distance relationships sustainable? Young people are so worried about Brexit, but I don’t think we’ll be in any trouble at all.

It is good to chat to each other about how often you both feel the need to keep in touch, so that you are both comfortable.

Often people don’t do that, so you have one person feeling really needy and needing to be in touch and wondering “why aren’t you phoning or messaging me?

” and the other one is thinking “I do love you but I need a bit of space”.

Wherever you are in the world you should make an agreement about how often you talk, but without making a rigid, obsessive, compulsive regime of “at 6pm every day we must speak”.

If it’s really limited time, it’s normal to do this.

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