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Even AGE didn't matter in how frequently women message first.

No matter how old a woman is, she will not send the first message. Despite this, OKCupid uncovered something super interesting.

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Maybe it’s time to look at online dating as a means to be yourself and not shy away from going for what you really want!

Warren, As a woman I feel a little strange about making the first move, and yet I see matches I would really like to begin exchanging messages with.

Are there instances in which both people in a match are waiting for the other to communicate?

At first I thought this could be because according to traditional heterosexual gender roles, men should approach women.

So let’s take a closer look of how men and women relate to one another online.

Long before the Internet came into being, there was an old saying, “Nice girls do not chase boys.” It may have been uttered to your mother by your grandmother, and indeed from your mother to you.

Sincerely, Susan, Idaho Falls, ID Answer Dear Susan, Thank you for your great question.

The dating rituals between men and women can be challenging enough without having to wonder where things like e-mail and initiating communication on e Harmony fall into place.

HOWEVER, the game totally changes if a straight woman starts messaging.

If a straight woman messages a man, that man will most likely be more attractive than her (since everyoneis a reacher).

And if you’re old enough, perhaps you’ve even found yourself giving that same bit of advice to someone younger than you, too.

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