Sexvediochat - Shy around guys dating

In the past few months, I’ve received almost fifty emails regarding women asking men out.

You know when you’re asked out by someone and you’re flattered by their interest and you accept but you don’t always end up interested? Just because you did the asking doesn’t mean you’re owed a date, interest, or a relationship.

Don’t give anyone qualities and characteristics that you’ve assumed.

Avoid asking them out if you’re an overthinker that will be riddled with worry about whether they would have asked if you hadn’t.

The truth is, guys don’t concern themselves with this when they ask us out because they’re still by and large expected to do the asking.

You may get hijacked by your imagination and your feelings, and when things don’t happen you become impatient and react.

Sometimes it’s that you’ve projected your interest and been unable to distinguish between the two of you.

I admire proactivity but aside from avoiding asking them out for the wrong reasons (because you’re shy or impatient), you also need to ensure that you don’t pursue blindly.

It’s not attractive in men…and it’s not attractive in women either.

They asked because they’re interested in you enough to see if you’d be interested in going on a date, which is the start of the discovery phase of getting to know one another – remember dating doesn’t equal relationship.

As women, we have to stop making up bullshit reasons for why men do and don’t do stuff.

If you’ve been flirting and they’ve been reciprocating and yet they’re not asking, I’d slow your roll – some people like a flirt without follow through.

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