Song seung heon dating lee yeon hee

i love the characters, the scene, the story was good although the end story was really shorten, to a point the end storywas not really justified it. on present life, i really hope Seo Ji Yoon's husband really death so she can live happily with Rade's boss I really love this drama. We need justice to Lee gyem and saimdang's love story. Didn't care much about the ratings but the story of two unfortunate people who deeply love each other, they didn't mind if they're not officially together but as long as they showed care and love, that would be enough.

they dont have happy ending, but their love so strong even when they split up. I thought they said that in their next lives, they should be together. I knew right away that this is a majestic piece of work.

best drama , amazing & I can't describe it ~ so sad & disappointed of Korean people , Why? Saimdang Light’s Diary is the best korean drama that i’ve ever watched so far this year 2017. All the cast and crew, the writers are excellent, LYA and SSH are both deliver well their characters. The undeserved low ratings in Korea may be because too many young Koreans are not in very good mood these days.

I keep on imagining if only theres an airport that saimdang can go and fly to lee geom haihhh no tech no love ??? I dreamt about being an artist and poet, both Lee Gyeom and Saimdang inspired me to pursue this dream. I felt so much sadness in their selfless love story, it broke my heart that they really love each other but they can't be together. A couple of questions:didn't the prime minister son die,killed by Min Chi Hyung by getting him hung after he killed a girl in his house? Best Historical Drama ~ ^_^ really enjoyed watching this one but i think it became slow towards the end (episodes 24-28). Every one in this drama never cheat the viewers their performance are first class. I thought the writers did an injustice to Lee Young-Ae.

I'm still confused if Saimdang really met with Lee Gyeom in Italy.. Its so beautiful in term of art, story, photography and so on and I appriciate all the single casts they did very heart fully well. Lee gyom sooo handsome :* Yah, i love this drama, but little dissappointed with the ending.. But love it Did not like ending....a waste of a terrific actress such as Lee Young Ae.

Saimdang and Lee Gyeom, their sacrifices for each other amazed me. They never get a chance to be together in their life but I'm pretty sure that their soul are happy together. I am not really familiar with Lee Young-Ae and Song Seong Heun but I would say they are pretty good actor and actress. Really like the male lead in his ancient clothes a d character and his lovely well groomed beard and big expressive eyes. Song Seung Heon I'm bit sad because it's about to end ~~ Only 1 Episode left..

I truly see them as the character of Saimdang and Lee Gyeom. Looking forward for a new project of Lee Young-Ae and Song Seong-Heun A lovely story that taught me about Siamdang. I hope they will make atleast 2 Episode for a Happy Ending in the love story of Saimdang and Lee Gyeom..

Meanwhile, the blacklist of 42 Hallyu stars include Chae Rim, Choo Ja-hyun, Jang Na-ra, Jang Dong-gun, Choi Ji-woo, and Kim Tae-hee.

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The modern story introducing Saimdang also works and ends well. I think the cast was stellar and the storyline is fantastic. Anyway, it was fun to watch she came back from 14 years later, she is still beautiful at her age. But still this is a good drama and i really like it. A beautiful sad but eternal love story of two gorgeous figures. Honestly, I bit disappointed because why rating is so important, until they decided to cut it off until Episode 28 instead to finish until Episode 30.

Does anyone know the true name of "Siesta di Luna" this awesome castle on top of its steep hill surrounded by Chianti vineyards in the golden Italian sunlight? I hope they realized how precious and beautiful the story about this greatest artist, wonderful woman and admirable mother like Saimdang.

Saimdang Light’s Diary is the best korean drama this 2017. Or the enchanting "Love in the Moonlight", which is a sort of endearing Korean Romeo and Juliet story that ends well.

Saimdang's story is about a great artist and a great mother condemned by fate to live a unfulfilled parallel emotional life with her true, and deep love. I think this writer should be put in a parallel universe facing herself eternally, with no hope of ever writing again.

Also,did they change the actor for Woo around episode 20 or so? Overall,i couldn't see the chemistry between the two leads....maybe cause Lee Young Ae is a bit mature for Song Seung Hoon.... This drama made me moved and wander what will happened next after every single episode, and I adore all the ancient paintings and story behind it. i agree, also include Suspicious Partner poor ratings and the story is common.


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