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You need to wear a dress or something feminine to a Speed Dating Los Angeles event.

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Don’t wear what you wore to work, but rather, something feminine, with necklace, nice fitting, nothing baggy, but slimming, and something that shows off your legs is plus with heels.

Jewelry will show them your style whether you are conservative, have good taste, and gives them something to compliment you on.

Well, majority of women and men attend speed dating events because they want to get back into dating or practice dating.

The point of speed dating is to get as many men to say yes to you so you can maybe give them a chance later and go have coffee or dinner with them.

Make friends with other women so it shows you are friendly and not threatened by the ‘competition.’ When men see you chatting up other women, it shows that you are warm, confident, and engaging.

If you are smiling when talking to other women, men can’t wait to meet you during their 6 minute round with you.

Right when he sits down, if you like what he’s wearing, touch his shirt and say, ‘nice color on you.’ Or ‘wow, I like the look of that shirt how it brings out the color of your eyes.’ Or maybe the right moment to touch him is when he makes a quirky comment or a joke.

If none of these opportunities come up, the last chance to touch him would be when you part ways.

It’s annoying as is for women to flock to the restrooms together, have their entourage of friends at a bar, and certainly, it’s annoying for men to see two women huddled up in the corner at a speed dating event.


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