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The Washington State Patrol remains committed to achieving excellence in public safety by striving to improve in professionalism and service to the public.

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Select a category of most frequently asked questions or browse the pages below to view the answers: Road conditions, traffic cameras, weather, ferry schedules, traffic flow maps and more can be found on WSDOT's Traveler Information web site.

You can also call the 5-1-1 line or tune to your local radio station.

If the vehicle travels more than 30 mph or has an engine size greater than 50cc, it will be licensed as a motorcycle in the state of Washington and the driver would be required to have the proper endorsement on the drivers license in order to operate it on the roadway.

These vehicles must follow the rules of the road for motorcycles and may be operated on any public roadway where the vehicle can maintain the posted speed limit of that roadway.

Call your local city or county law enforcement agency to determine which tow company has your vehicle.

If your vehicle was impounded on a state or interstate route, call the local State Patrol office.

Mountain pass information including cameras, roadway conditions and restrictions, current radio messages and weather conditions and forecasts at WSDOT's Mountain Pass web site.

Answers to commonly asked traction questions are on our Traction Devices page or by going to WSDOT Winter Driving Tips page.

The record will be flagged to prevent future registration until the vehicle's status is resolved. Emissions testing is required in Clark, King, Pierce, Snohomish, and Spokane counties.

For more information, see the Department of Ecology Web site.

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