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Riot SAID that they review ban cases- so i was never worried i would get banned because if they at least reviewed cases when people were supposed to get banned, then i would be fine, and i could live with false chat restrictions since no one would help me.

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It disgusts me they still don't have the tribunal up and running, I seriously have a deep, disgusting hatred of riot after all of this, and I seriously won't ever be coming back and will never encourage anyone else to play this poor excuse for a gaming company's game. This board is for content that doesn’t have a home or that doesn’t fit on one of the other boards.

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Some folks who already feel like Facebook is watching them when they see ads in their News Feed for bridal gowns after getting engaged may be creeped out by the fact their messages are being analyzed.

But Stan Chudnovsky, Facebook Messenger's Head of Product, contends their goal with M Suggestions is to offer a better user experience.

A brisk market in postcards and Christmas cards making liberal use of the name have also managed to spread its fame.

In an attempt to curtail the fun had at the village’s expense some locals want to readopt its so fast!

I go to call The Husband again to tell him where I am and cannot get through.

Fuck You for your continued and undeserved monopoly on the industry in Australia.

Facebook's messaging platform, which reports 1 billion monthly active users, announced on Thursday that it is rolling out its experimental virtual assistant "M" to all Messenger users in the United States this week through a new feature called M Suggestions.

A report adds: M Suggestions does exactly what its name suggests, using artificial intelligence to understand what is being said in any given Messenger chat to make recommendations that pop up during the course of a conversation.

For years I’ve put up with the sub standard customer service and shitty overseas call centres so I could enjoy the faster internet speeds, better coverage, 4G network and ability to ditch my landline. The restaurant can’t even accept payment because Telstra own those landlines that the Eftpos machines run through. Fuck You for your crap overseas call centres and shitty contracts.


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