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France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Cairo, Jerusalem, Beirut, Syria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Bucharest, Budapest, Athens, Luxor, Sudan, Karachi, Bombay, Delhi, Lahore, Madras, Colombo, Australia, Padang, Singapore, Bangkok, Saigon, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Beijing, Nagasaki, Tokyo, Honolulu, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, New York, Mexico, Havana, Panama, Chile, Brazil, London, Dublin, Brussels, Madrid, Nice, Bern, Zurich, Munich, Vienna, Budapest Hemispherical route through 22 countries.

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With this feature, members can find and meet real motorcycle singles easily.

In 2015, we launched blog channel where valuable biker dating tips, trends and news could be found.

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Section 1: USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Southern America (Atlanticantic loop) to Ushuaia, Chile, Southern and Central Africa, North Africa (across the Sahara through Tamanrasset), Central and Northern Europe (winter time), Russia (Europe and Siberia in winter time), Mongolia (winter time), China, Southeast Asia.

Section 2: Australia (about 40 countries)North America: Duluth to Seattle (Goldfine); Hyder, Alaska; Anchorage.

Some of the sites listed below offer you Apps, that will make it more convenient to find bikers and send them instant messages at any time!

Biker Kiss is our 1st choice from the Top 10 Biker Dating Sites that we have reviewed here.

It is different from other general dating sites with many special services that motorcycle riders need and love.


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