Start dating after divorce christian

Sure, I can walk away, yet who holds leadership accountable? David Carter, you commented that confrontation must always be done with caution.Can you further explain what this means..or why is the need for caution?

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I also know this isn't the first and only instance that the church was aware of dating, living together, etc., and chose to do nothing, by means of accountability.

How does one trust leadership when the leaders are not modeling Godly leading? I have found new relationship with Jesus in the past 3 yrs that I have been going through this. And while I hope to perhaps one day have a healthy, Godly relationship, if it be His will, today that is not my focus or goal.

In response to making the same mistake twice, and going into another destructive relationship... Time and relationship with God are foundational in order to make discerning decisions about future relationships.

However, we can't overlook the fact that everyone does not represent themselves to be who they truly are.

I firmly believe I have Biblical grounds to divorce, and don't feel the need to talk through my decision to divorce, as I am at peace with it and sought Godly counsel- but am open to respond to questions.

It wasn't an easy decision, especially considering some of the misguided 'spiritual' counsel I received.( In my situation, the marriage was very abusive, and resulted in immoral, deviant behaviors and an unrepentant spouse.It would have been dangerous to myself and children to remain in the circumstances.If 'dating' is only defined as a sexual relationship prior to divorce, (which isn't Biblically condoned before marriage anyway) then we could claim any relationship as 'only friends', yet spending time and investing emotional energy into a friendship.I believe there needs to be caution here, and do we really need to determine motive if two are seen as a couple routinely.15:3-4, KJV) Jesse, You probably won't understand right now but ponder this, be married to Jesus for the time being. Seek first His Kingdom and all else will be given unto you.

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