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(If you haven’t seen the movie yet, and want to be surprised, stop reading now because there are some spoilers coming up.)In , Joaquin Phoenix plays Theodore, a guy going through a divorce, who gets himself a personal assistant to help sort out his life in the form of an operating system, an OS, with artificial intelligence… Lo and behold, Theodore falls in love with the OS, named “Samantha” and voiced by Scarlett Johansson, and why wouldn’t he? She’s always there when he needs her, when he doesn’t want to deal with her he can just turn her off, she doesn’t mind having phone sex…

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Now, the private, early side of “online dating” that I just described is a fun, innocent source of joy.

It’s an easy way for new people in our lives to make us feel special without too much effort and commitment, and vice versa.

This new life hasn’t come easy, but in the end it was a straight choice between living as a woman or not living at all.“I was driving home from my radio show every morning and would quite easily have driven my car into the central reservation,” says the 40-year-old.

“The only thing that stopped me was the thought that other people could get hurt.“I wanted to die but I didn’t know anyone with a gun and thought if I used a rope I’d probably get it wrong.

He was born to father Max Blank and mother Molly Blank and grew up along with his siblings in Flushing, New York.

He holds an American Nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.

Regarding his ethnicity, he is white and holds an American Nationality.

In the beginning of his career, Arthur worked as a senior accountant for with his friend, Marcus.

Edit Arthur earns the tremendous amount of money in his career.


  1. The app does let you have some control with people you wouldnt want to interact with or talk to anymore like blocking them if you feel they are a bad influence to you, which I feel gives myself more security and privacy.

  2. Invece di concentrarti sull’apparenza come fai nella vita reale, mostra alle persone il tuo vero io.

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