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After about 4 months of chatting we decided to meet for coffee on November 29th of last year and have been seeing each other ever since as we hit it off right away. My daughter and rest of my family like him very much and his family has accepted me with open arms as well and find it interesting that we met on the internet. I have been living with her since last August, but I still own my own house.

We have plans of living together in the near future. Hopefully everything will continue to go as well as it is now, and I have no doubt it will as I believe we were destined to meet somehow... We are planning a future marriage some day .........maybe this year.

Thank you for being my #1 site for meeting with people. We met last February on Valentine's day and we started to write back and forth.

He is everything I want and want for my children, I cant believe how great he is, and I have your site to thank for it. THANK YOU CYBERDATING Jacqui Ive been running around internet sites for the past 6 or so months and most of the sites are lousy and even those that propose to be free are not REALLY free.

I guess this is about the best site I've found so far and i would recommend it to my friends who are sincerely looking for love and romance on the internet.

The self-described vision of’s parent company, IAC/Inter Active Corp, is “To harness the power of interactivity to make daily life easier and more productive for people all over the world.” There seem to be two oppositional trajectories or impulses embedded in this business model: The push to converge, represented by those ventures that bring people together (including, Ticketmaster, Evite, and Expedia), and IAC’s movement beyond hybrid media and electronic retailing to interactive commerce, met by the outward push of global capital, where technological convergence is being deployed toward a globalizing end.

But the convergence narrative read here is not one about technology, but one about identity, about the generalized push toward a singular pole of identity.

He is intelligent, easy going, has a great sense of humour, and is a very caring person.

I thoroughly enjoy every bit of the time we spend together, and we seem to be spending consistently more time together.

We are certainly glad that we gave your website a whirl. I love the fact that I can meet such great people and don't have to worry about a monthly fee.

I think supporting the ads that come up is a great way to keep the site open to everyone. J A very nice man contacted me via email as a result of the ad I placed on your free dating service. We quite liked each other and decided to start dating. We are still dating each other and have grown very fond of each other.

I was a member at Plenty of Fish for a long time and it was fine.

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