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With only one weapon in the arsenal, dating apps like Bumble and Tinder turn up the pressure and become much more of a chore than a diversion. ” Many guys did what I expected them to do: saw my profile, said yes, got one look at my intensity and bounced. But just when I was gearing up for the dreaded moment of rejection I was waiting for—awkward response or utter mockery—things took a turn for the irritating. My biggest fear in dating turned out to be a total dud.

On top of that, modern dating comes with the unspoken rule that you can’t speak about the fact you are dating, or getting in the realm of dating, or even romantically interested. I have heard all the sitcoms where the guys laugh with one another about how the girls in their lives are “totally crazy.” “Man, we went out to dinner like three times and now she thinks we’re dating?

My fellow editor Tina Herman and I had a lot of fun putting together the editors' note for September, so I wanted to share with you our own personal perspective on relationships, from two different places in life: Megan: Well, I’m single.

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Catholic magazine and young adult dating advice (see our special section) wouldn't seem to go together naturally, but I assure you that our relationship content comes from editors at all stages of life.

It's not just lectures from your parents here (though they probably are right, even if you don't want to admit it now).

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We wanted similar things in life and figured we would navigate young adulthood together. Megan: We met in college, but like so many young adults, we spent our 20s figuring out who we are as individuals and putting education and careers over the relationship.

My husband and I were and still are best friends, and our relationship has always been based on mutual respect. As it turned out, we don’t share the same priorities in life.

We weren’t on the same page—let alone in the same state!

Tina: So it’s actually good that you didn’t get married.

Hazel and Tami decide to meet up for a little bonding at a cigar shop in an attempt to get Tami puffing on cigars before an upcoming vacation with Reggie.


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