Tax consequences of liquidating an annuity

We have been receiving our monthly payments since last November and couldn’t be happier. Pre-59½ distributions from a non-qualified annuity may be excepted from a penalty when they are paid under an immediate annuity contract.

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This is a quick reference guide to possible exceptions to the 10% additional penalty tax on pre-59½ distributions from Qualified Plans, IRA's and non-qualified deferred annuities.

Annuities can help insure against an extra-long life and the possibility of outliving your assets.

Our life expectancy tables are provided as a tool to assist you in making financial decisions with appropriate assumptions.There was a good recommendation about Immediate on CNN.We also liked that we could see excellent reviews about them on Google.Tomorrow, in other words, is becoming much more urgent for all of us.And for many of us, tomorrow may be closer than we think.See Limits Are you interested in staying informed and current on fixed annuity interest rates?


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