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Once that’s happened, we can begin to break the cycle of violence.

What are examples of domestic violence that individuals often let slip by? Emotional abuse, financial abuse, and sexual abuse are all forms of it. If you grew up with domestic violence in your childhood home, you had no control.

Here, he shares what he’s learned through his experiences with domestic violence.

What are some of the most common signs of an abusive person?

There is no one single “trait” or “sign” to identify an abusive person.

One possible question to ask is, “did this person experience adversity during childhood?

What we do know is that domestic violence and CDV crosses all races, religions and geography.

It is, however, more likely to occur in homes where economic stature comes into play.

In addition to national services such as Safe Horizon and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, hundreds of localized resources are available to those seeking help.

Domestic violence affects one in three women and one in four men, with domestic violence hotlines in America receiving more than 20,000 calls each and every day.

UNICEF says “The single best predictor as to whether or not you will experience domestic violence later in life is whether or not you grew up living with it in your childhood home.” You have a greater chance of being a perpetrator or victim of domestic violence if you grew up in that environment, but it is not always the case.

What populations are the most at risk to be victims of domestic violence, and is there anything they can do to dissuade such behavior?

Phil and executive-produced the award-winning documentary, The “Children Next Door.” The National Domestic Violence Hotline is a safe, discreet resource offering trained professionals 24/7 to help victims find help and get out of harmful or dangerous situations.


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