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Then she responded immediately.'Linda is now with security personnel in Baghdad and the German foreign office remains in contact with them to try to definitely determine if it is the runaway from the small town of Pulsnitz who fled Germany on a plane on July 1 last year to join ISIS.

The teenager, described as 'a brilliant student' is said to have become 'lonely and withdrawn' after her parents' marriage broke down and her mother Katharina began a new relationship with a caretaker at a local school.

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Describing the moment they found her, he said: 'We entered a shattered house, which was previously under fire. It was the girl, she was alone, injured on the left arm and chest, lying on the floor.

'He said her clothes were filthy and around her neck she wore a thick scarf which she could also use as a headscarf.

There were some arguments with staff.'She stole her mother's credit card and secretly bought an airline ticket to Istanbul.

Until six months before she fled she had never even travelled by train alone, it has been reported.

But on Friday July 1 last year she told her mother and father she was going to spend the weekend with a friend called Caroline and would be back in Sunday.

She never came home - and was never at her friend's.

Only when the commander was there and the girl intensely interviewed did it become clear that she could not speak Kurdish.

We asked for other ISIS fighters, but she just looked at the floor.'The commander asked other Iraqis present if they knew the girl.

She was found alongside members of the terror group's fearsome all-female police force, some of whom were wearing suicide vests.


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