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With the stakes getting higher by the hour, Toby must finally find a way to sort truth from lies, and learn more about her place in Faerie than she ever dreamed...

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Toby mcguire dating

With May, Tybalt, and Quentin to help her, there's a chance she can pull this off..with Walther concealing connections to the deposed royal family of Silences, there's also a chance that things are about to get very, very ugly. This story takes place between Late Eclipses and One Salt Sea, and features Toby, May, Danny, and Quentin as they make their first entrance into the reopened knowe of Goldengreen.

And there are a few familiar faces waiting for her, among the roses... "In Sea-Salt Tears," released in August 2012, available for free download on this site.

The Brightest Fell will be released in 2017, Night and Silence in 2018, and The Unkindest Tide in 2019.

The October Daye series is published in North America by DAW Books, with cover art by Christian Mc Grath and interior dingbats by Tara O'Shea.

It takes two to really make an exile work, and when Countess Evening Winterrose is murdered, Toby finds herself yanked abruptly back into the world she thought she was leaving behind.

It's going to take everything she's got just to stay alive, and the stakes are higher than anyone has guessed...

A Local Habitation (March 2nd 2010, DAW) finds Toby still reeling from her return to fae society when her liege lord, Duke Sylvester Torquill, comes to her with a request she can't deny.

His niece, January, lives in a nearby fiefdom called Tamed Lightning, and has stopped checking in.

Late Eclipses (March 1st 2011, DAW) finds Toby still reeling from her encounter with Blind Michael, but beginning, gradually, to recover...a recovery that is endangered when an old enemy makes an unexpected appearance.


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