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This place is not a gay exclusive venue, reported by a local person as a place where mostly other straight acting gay men can be seen and recommended with its relaxed atmosphere.Any other comments will be appreciated." (02/12/2010) Comment about this venue: "this is not à gay venue" (Posted on July 08 2011) IN LEFKOSA/ NICOSIA Lorenza Cafe Address: Lefke Hani, No:5, Sur Ici, Lefkosa.Shakers Bar & Disco - Girne Address: Girne town center, (opposite of Beyti Restaurant) Girne (Kyrenia) Northern Cyprus. It is a regular bar now but occasionally gay men can still be around. Ice Club - Girne Address: Above Cikarma Plaji (beach) Alsancak (quarter), Girne, Northern Cyprus.

This venue was reported by a website visitor as a place not explicitly gay friendly.

"Cadinin Evi (literally means the House of the Witch) is said to be located in Dereboyu, which is the entertainment district of Lefkosa.

You will always feel at home as the comfort and hospitality provides just that and more.

Cadi Kazani is open both in winter and summer as it has a cozy outdoor setting.

There are many lively bars in Girne lining the beautiful harbour.

If you like going out at night, you may go to one of the discothèques.

It is supposed to be welcoming a mix crowd, including some British gay men and even by some foreign drag queens occasionally.

(05/06/2009) General Feedbacks for Gay Bars and Clubs in Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic: "Everyone thinks that there is no gay bar in North Cyprus but there is two in Girne and one of them is Birdcage Bar.

I found it at the indicated address but entrance door was locked and it looked like it had been deserted long time ago." (Posted by a Turkish visitor on September 29, 2014) "its a great place to go out, friendly bar staff. Nothing before 12 midnight" (Posted by Wansink from Netherlands on July 08 2011) "Probably the best gay venue on the island.

Nice people and good cocktails must seen if you're gay.

Gay Freidnly Bars and Clubs in Northern Cyprus: Girne / Kyrenia Cream Bar (- am) Address: Belediye Otopark No:56, Girne (Kyrenia), Northern Cyprus Web: &


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