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So I’ll be adding Perl on the Mac and the Mac in general to the topics covered here.

Here is a quick summary of the options that I tried or looked into: More...

Here is another Apple Script version of a prior vba script. It copies the last saved version of the current workbook to a .

The vast majority of hydrogen currently produced in the United States comes from a process known as steam reforming, in which steam is reacted with methane at high temperatures and in the presence of a catalyst, releasing carbon dioxide and hydrogen.

Another method is electrolysis—ideally using electricity from a renewable source—which strips hydrogen from oxygen in water molecules.

This avoids problems with deleting and filling columns that are cosed by merged cells.

The following sets up a command to toggle centering across columns.

I often have multiple terminals open and screen running in each one.

I then try to group all my work for a particular project in that terminal.

Currently, hydrogen use is very modest, but interest in hydrogen is growing because there are no greenhouse gas emissions from burning hydrogen (although greenhouse gas pollution may result from hydrogen production), and the only “waste” product is water.

The main barriers to expanded hydrogen use are the huge capital outlays required to develop a national-scale hydrogen production and distribution system, and the low energy return on energy invested.

A future hydrogen economy may be technologically possible but is unlikely to be developed on a global scale because of its inherent inefficiencies and capital costs.


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