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DALLAS -- A substitute teacher has been arrested and charged with having a sexual relationship with at least one high school student while she was covering for a teacher on medical leave last year.

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This process charges the battery as quickly as reasonable while protecting the battery from damage or increased wear and tear.

You can leave your i Phone plugged in all night and it will not be harmful to your i Phone.

If you are going to store your mobile device unused for more than a month, charge it up fully, then discharge it (watch videos over wifi or play video games) until it's 40-50% charged.

This is because most Lithium chemistry batteries don't like trickle charging (a process you may hear from others where a constant voltage and low current is applied to a battery all the time to keep it topped off).

My i Phone 5 and i Pad (3rd gen) was used the same way.

No negative impact from having them charge all night every night.

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