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It separated the living/dining rooms and kitchen (main level); from the recreation/family room (lower level) and sleeping areas (upper level).

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In this plan, the door is level with the main floor, which includes the foyer, living/dining/kitchen space; the second level up is designated for bedrooms and bathrooms - usually built above the garage.

A third level down has the garage and a playroom/family room; and then, a shallow “daylight basement” with windows slightly above the ground to allow plenty of sunlight. This one-and-a-half-story home (left) is a tri-level: attached garage with bedrooms above, steps accented by shrubbery leading to foyer, opens to living room with 10-foot ceilings, kitchen/peninsula with eating bar, nook/breakfast area, half-a-staircase down to the family room.

How about some decorative light fixtures to brighten it up? Perhaps it’s time to replace the siding with more modern and attractive materials.

Vinyl siding provides a variety of tones and colors.

Shrubs surround the stone steps leading to the foyer, and opens into the living/dining/kitchen space.

The original split-level (tri-level or four-level with the basement) features one level attached to a two-story section.

In truth, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie style - low-hanging roofs, built close to the ground, and open floor plans - was the inspiration for the split-level.

Wright’s historic textile block Storer Mansion – built in California in 1923 - was the “first fully developed split-level in America.” To fit the mansion into a sloping lot in the Hollywood Hills, Wright staggered floor levels and connected them by half stairs.

Families could build a split-level home on a smaller or sloping lot – dimensions lacking in the bungalow and ranch.


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