Updating headers in ubunta

Our presentation of software updates should carefully balance promptness against interruption, and automation against informed consent, to maximize the prompt installation of updates across the millions of devices on which Ubuntu is installed.

It should have secondary text if, since the last restart, Livepatch attempted to apply any updates.

For example: Software Updater should launch automatically, in the background but not minimized, when the computer has been connected to the Internet for at least one minute (bug 385433), you are logged in as an administrator, no other package management utility (d.

Only if any of the updates are security updates, the updates should be listed in two sections, “Security updates” and “Other updates”, each with a checkbox with bold label.

The state of the checkbox should reflect and change the state of the update checkboxes in that section: ☑ checked if they all are, ☐ unchecked if none of them are, and ⊟ indeterminate otherwise.

If there is a Livepatch setup error that does not occur as part of initial sign-in (such that the Software & Updates settings might not be open), it should be shown in a standalone error alert, with a “Settings…” button to open and focus the settings.

If “Automatically check for updates” is checked, Ubuntu should become due to check for updates at the specified interval after updates were last checked.Its primary text should be “Ubuntu can’t be updated at the moment. Its secondary text should be “Updates currently available would remove critical Ubuntu components.If this problem persists, contact the software vendor.” And above the “Settings…” button should be a “Details” expander that expands to reveal a pane containing the If no updates are installable, but a restart is required to finish installing previous updates, a “Software Updater” alert should appear, with text “This computer needs to restart to finish installing updates”, and “Settings…”, “Restart Later” and “Restart Now…” buttons, none of them the default.“Restart Now…” should open the usual confirmation alert.(The current architecture of Livepatch does not record whether any installed Livepatch update is equivalent to a given installed on-disk update.If any “Ubuntu base” groups or subgroups are present, they should always be sorted last, but their contents should be sorted too.


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