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IP Resources Required for BGP-based Suppression Inform the Internet Community Clarify Internet Best Current Practice and Protocol Standards Status, August 21, 2003 Figure 13.

The Most Recent Flood Afterthoughts Acknowledgements Analysis Tools References / Further Reading Frequently Asked Questions What is Netgear's liability for causing (however inadvertently) this denial of service for your network?

I'm with [the IT press], do you have some time to speak with me? The first half of the graph shows typical traffic levels for our campus, with peak inbound packet rates of about 40,000 packets-per-second.

However, as you can see, our inbound packet-per-second rate increased dramatically starting May 14 at about 8AM localtime, primarily from our commodity Internet Service Provider, Wisc Net.

A Wisc Net BGP-based Anycast Time Service Endgame B: Attempt to Suppress the Requests Figure 11.

Using the Global BGP Routing Table to Squelch Requests Endgame B: IP Resources Required Figure 12.

It is a simple, stateless remote-procedure call (RPC) system with accuracy and reliability expectations similar to the UDP/TIME protocol described in RFC-868.

SNTP can be used when the ultimate performance of the full NTP implementation is not necessary. In this way, SNTP clients can utilize NTP servers, even though they do not implement the complexities of the full peer-to-peer NTP protocol.

(Note that the number 23457 seems hand-picked, as the number subsequent to 23456.) At this point we simply chalked it up to naivete on the part of the "attacker", which we presumed was forging many random source addresses, and left it at that, presuming that the flood would subside within hours as "script kiddie"-launched flood attacks often do.

The Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) is an adaptation of the Network Time Protocol (NTP) used to synchronize computer clocks in the Internet.

Netgear SNTP Clients Per Day Suggested Fixes The Initial Fix: "Instant" Code Network Operational Options: To Serve or To Sever?

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