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This said, our cluster nodes are all pretty evenly utilized.i'm not sure what it is, but on all the servers I manage, the boot_archives are all in the 342-375MB range.

You can also set up OBDiag to run automatically when the system is powered on using the following methods: Set the OBP diagnostics variable: ok setenv diag-switch true Press the Stop and D keys simultaneously while you power on the system.

On Ultra Enterprise servers, turn the key switch to the diagnostics position and power on the system.

consider running 'bootadm update-archive' on both servers, then if they're still vastly different sizes you can mount them and compare them.

i can't find any documentation anywhere that mentions boot archive's in a cluster should be a consistent size.

By entering simple OBP commands, you can learn system configuration details such as the ethernet address, the CPU and bus speeds, installed memory, and so on.

Using OBP, you can also query and set system parameter values such as the default boot device, run tests on devices such as the network interface, and display the SCSI and SBUS devices attached to the system.

Creates a new alias for a device, where name is the name of the alias and path is the physical path of the device.

Note – Run the reset-all or the nvstore command to save the new alias in non-volatile memory (NVRAM).

Once / is mounted, the ramdisk image is discarded, and the real files are read directly from disk.

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