Updating policies and procedures

Enrollment status is defined for certification purposes as either full-time or half-time.

In order to register for classes students must first accept their offer of admission by the university.

Registration and the payment of assessed fees are required of all who attend classes.

All students are encouraged to register for courses through the Access Plus registration system.

However, students who are unable to use the system may register in person by processing their signed Registration Worksheet in the Registrar's Student Scheduling Office, 10 Enrollment Services Center.

Each is responsible for knowing and following the academic policies and procedures.

Student Students and staff should check with the college office to find out who is authorized to grant approvals or exceptions on behalf of the dean.

To validate their enrollment in each course at the beginning of the semester, students must attend the first or second meeting (first meeting if the class meets only once a week).

Students who add a course after the term begins must attend the next class meeting.

The first screen of the Planner provides information about how to use the planner and simple instructions for downloading the Java application. A registration access number (RAN) also is needed, if required by their college.


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