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On clicking the 'delete' button in the details view, i want the object to be deleted & updatepanel1 to be refreshed to show the new list.

My problem is that although the object is being deleted, updatepanel1 is not...

In this webinar, com Score Senior Industry Analyst Jason Patterson explores how you can use com Score's validated data to optimize and improve ...

TDD of a Win Form app – Part 5 – Validating the account data In our last post, we worked on allowing our user to enter new accounts – basically making our Add Account Form usable.

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Server side validation affecting client side validation Hi there I have some client side validation that is working fine and enables/disables buttons based on user selections. However, when I perform server side validation using custom validators (like checking if the user has entered tags or decimals in the integer boxes) and the server side validation returns is Valid = false then all of the Java Script validation that I've already done when the user clicked each control is lost.The web user control is a grid view that displays a list of objects, and on selecting an object, its details appear in the details view panel.I've put each inside its own update panel, say updatepanel1 for the gid view & updatepanel2 for the detailsview.I have tried to put both the validators inside and outside the update panel and nothing.&...client side validation vs server side validation hello i see a web form that consists of three controls :textbox,requiredfieldvalidator that weired to the textbox and a button within the click event of the button there is the following: if page.isvalid then response.redirect("Page is valid") else response.redirect("Page is not valid") end if according to my understandings: when the user does not fill anything in the textbox and then clicks the button the the page will not be submitted (i.e no request to the page will be happened or no postback will be happened) then no server event will be happened so it is sure when the us...Update panel: Gridview inside update panel not being refreshed.


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