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Looking at website today ( 27th May, 2014) I could find fares as cheap as €15 from Paris to Aix En Provence on 11th June, again using the handy price calendar feature.

Note: Be aware that low cost service only departs from Marné la Vallée which is the TGV outpost for Disneyland Paris and is a 12 minute , €15 ride from Paris CDG airport.

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And, since the conductor won’t demand extra funds, you’ll have more money to spend when you get there.

Here are 5 , really easy to follow money saving tips that should save you money and a lot of a hassle.

For example I was looking at trains from Rotterdam to Paris on 20th July for me and my girlfriend.

Lowest fare revealed by the calendar is €94 for both of us.

Or you can t Some of you maybe looking at flying from Paris to Milan. Looking at Skyscanner for example on Tuesday 26th August, I can see a really cheap flight with Ryanair for just €20 from Paris to Milan. Ryanair flies from Paris Beauvais which is 1 hour and 15 minute bus ride from Paris and costs €17. Bergamo is a 50 minute journey from airport to Milan and costs €5.

That’s €42 in the end but you have the hassle of travelling to and fro so in the end it’s not as fast as you would hope.

All this is to say, when you purchase a train ticket in an unfamiliar area, pay attention to the policies, both those presented during the purchase process, and any that may be written on the back of the ticket.

Validation is a common requirement and, as with Trenitalia, it is typically accomplished by inserting your ticket into a validation machine on the platform. For instance, if you’re traveling with a Eurail pass (multiple city travel on one ticket), even though it is stamped when you book it, it has to be stamped again by an official at the train station before your first journey, where you must give your passport number and signature.

If policies are not written in English and you don’t speak the language, take the time to decipher the information.

You could use a translation app on your phone, such as Google Translate, i Translate, or Waygo, which works with Japanese, Korean, or Chinese characters.

I followed all of the screen prompts (in English) and nowhere was there any mention of the need to validate.


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