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After each round of the NLSY97, validation reinterviews are conducted with randomly selected respondents.

The data from validation can be used to study the consistency of responses between the interview and reinterview.

Estimates of simple response variances can be calculated from the validation data.

Although reinterviews have been administered each year since round 2, the validation variables for rounds 2, 3, and 11 and up were not released to public users.

The public variables, described below, have "VALIDRx" as the beginning of each question name and are found in the main file data set.

The selected items are items most respondents will have answered in the main interview and represent a range of expected reliability, including items that are likely to agree between interview and reinterview as well as items that may disagree.

Cases are selected to achieve 10% validation of each interviewer's caseload.Re-interview questions included marital status, current employer name and start date, three child-care questions (if female and born in 1983-84), and the respondent's total income from the previous year.Respondents also were asked whether the interviewer they had in round 5 was the same one who conducted their interview in round 4.Context: Instrument validation is an important facet of survey research methods and athletic trainers must be aware of the important underlying principles.Objective: To discuss the process of survey development and validation, specifically the process of construct validation.However, in round 4, the mismatch rate was high for questions about expectations, showing that the respondent's expectations were quite unstable.

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