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Though both routers are designed to accept PCMCIA cards, the KR1 also a USB port.With the latest firmware upate, you can use the USB based U720 modem with it in Rev-A mode.

When Apple released the WWAN Support Update on February 19th, I noticed it listed some new Rev A Express Cards as well as a Rev A USB broadband modem, the Novatel Ovation U720.

The thought of a USB modem was exciting to me since it should mean any Mac with a USB 2.0 port can utilize the mobile broadband networks.

See Verizon Wireless' full list of broadband data network modems.

See Cingular's page on broadband data network modems.

But a closer reading of the WWAN Support Update page on reveals these words under System Requirements: "Intel-based Macintosh Portable." That implies that the Rev A USB modem support is only for Mac Books and Mac Book Pros.

But that wouldn't stop us from trying non-portables.

I predict they will soon add the Rev A Novatel Merlin EX720 Express Card used by Sprint.

FLASH -- March 16th, 2007 -- If you have a Mac Book Pro and plan to use Verizon's mobile broadband data network, you will want the V740 Rev A Express Card/34 being released on March 30th. Their 3GStore is offering it for 9.99, or less than Verizon's direct.)IMPRESSIVE PERFORMANCE We were impressed with the U720's performance.

We obtained the Novatel Ovation U720 from Verizon (which they call the USB720).

It "plugged and played" like a dream on our Mac Book Pro C2D.

EV-DOinfo has it for net and provides much better support for Mac users than Verizon.


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