Vs 2016 updating intellisense

db Forge SQL Complete is an add-in for SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio with fully-featured tools that speed up SQL code writing, offer context-based smart suggestions, perform automatic formatting and refactoring, improve code readability, increase productivity, lower costs, and much more, thus allowing you to save time and efforts in the database and code development process with several clicks.

Code refactoring renames database objects, including tables, views, stored procedures, and functions, as well as variables easily and risk-free.

Copy Data As from SSMS grid will copy results received from SSMS grid to Excel, CSV, XML, HTML, and JSON data formats.

Find in Results Grid searches for the required data in the grid by the specified value.

Formatting settings help you customize the completed statements to your coding habits by checking their format on paste and when typing.

To do this, simply select the appropriate checkboxes.

Formatting in files and directories selects the corresponding formatting mode by adding folders (for directories) or files you want to format.

Custom SSMS main window title allows you to change the default main window title being suitable for your requirements.Generate CRUD generates a script in a new SQL document, including SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements.Columns in tables may be ordered either by the ordinal number or alphabetically. Developers and DBAs working with SQL become much faster thanks to our tool, as it provides smart prompts based on the code context, selected database, etc.Rename Alias/Variable can assign custom aliases to tables and objects and replace all the specified variable names, as well as references to them to new names.By clicking F2, you can preview changes in the code.SSMS is packed with features to manage and control SQL Server databases, as well as to develop, format and refactor T-SQL code, build queries and scripts.


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