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Meanwhile Jeremy had a rude awakening when the money he's been subsisting on finally ran out and he was forced to try and find a new source of income.

Jeremy's mother appears on the scene during series five too, and it soon becomes clear why he's ended up as he is.

The comedy also sees Mark go speed dating and discovering in the process that money can buy you love; Jeremy and Superhans playing at a Christian rock festival and the boys having to endure their worst night out ever... In Series 6, having discovered that Sophie is pregnant, Mark and Jeremy have to face up to the possibility that either one of them might be the father.

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starts just after Jeremy (aka 'Jez') is thrown out by his ex 'Big Suze'.

He moves in with Mark, his old college friend, despite the fact Mark's no-pain-no-gain view of the world isn't a view he holds.

Socially dysfunctional in their different ways, Mark and Jeremy soon form an unhealthy reliance on one another - a dependence that can turn to frustration.

To further complicate their existence, Mark - in his cack-handed way - is in pursuit of the love of his life, co-worker Sophie, while Jeremy lives in awe of his idiotic and manipulative mate Super Hans and their beautiful but brittle neighbour Toni.

After two series, Mark finally got together with his beloved Sophie but soon became distraught when she's relocated to Bristol.

He tries everything to maintain their relationship, from mild stalking to a botched session of phone sex.

In Series 8, which arrived in November 2012, the story picked up where it was left at the end of Series 7 when, on New Year's Eve, Mark asked his girlfriend Dobby to move in with him.

She agreed, and Jeremy was faced with the prospect of moving out to make way.

By the end of the third series Mark and Sophie's relationship had stagnated, to a point where Mark no longer wanted to get married.

However in the last episode of the season he 'accidentally' proposed to her (she had found a ring he'd bought earlier) and, being too embarrassed to admit the truth, kept quiet.

It's a month or so later, and Mark is still waiting for Jeremy to leave.

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