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Trump retorted on Twitter that Lewis is “all talk” and said his Atlanta-based district is “falling apart” and “crime infested.” “Anybody who suggests that John Lewis is all talk and no action needs a lesson in American history,” Warnock said Monday from his pulpit, drawing a standing ovation.

As a young man, Lewis was arrested many times and beaten by authorities as he demonstrated for civil and voting rights for black Americans.

federal holiday honoring America’s preeminent champion of nonviolence, we also confront a daunting litany of violent conflicts which challenge us to embrace and adapt my father’s nonviolent teachings for our times. : King’s Legacy of Courage for Our World” calls on people everywhere to do something courageous -- make a commitment to nonviolence as a way of life which we, at The King Center, refer to as Nonviolence 365.

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The King Center has assisted many of the nonviolent protesters, and stands ready to continue our support in their efforts to make the nation and world more habitable for people of all hues.

We will also maintain our commitment to challenge the youth who are persuaded by more radical philosophies to emulate the peaceful methods that were used by activists of the same ilk as Ella Baker, Fannie Lou Hamer and Amelia Boynton.

Such a consuming commitment, embraced by millions, could have a profoundly beneficial impact.

It could help reduce domestic violence and promote family stability.

She spoke hours before her brother, Martin Luther King III, is scheduled to meet with the president-elect at Trump Tower in New York.

While Bernice King did not offer a detailed critique of Trump, who remains unpopular among black Americans, she said the nation still has a choice between “chaos and community,” the same dichotomy her father wrote and preached about.

It could promote better relationships in our places of education and work, and promote more peaceful communities.

It might even help reduce political polarization and lead to a less-violent culture, which better nourishes the morals, spirits and hopes of America’s youth.

holiday with our “Nonviolence 365” initiative, a series of educational programs designed to encourage the adoption of a nonviolent lifestyle.

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