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I doubt they were bored right at the beginning of the series’ epic conclusion.

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At the same time, as Carl Sagan once reminded us, we’re made of the same “star stuff” as the cosmos.

All too often, we forget how random, ridiculous, and resplendent it is to part of the stellar sorority of the universe.

Politics, he now claims in an eloquent but hardly off-the-cuff peroration, is the natural culmination of his life.

“At a certain point you begin to understand that at first, you’re in it for yourself–to provide financially for yourself, your family and your friends.

To wonder if WB will reset the DC Extended Universe is to wonder if it actually has a cinematic universe in the first place.

Aquaman is much too close to being finished for the WB to back out of now, and Wonder Woman 7 is as a safe a bet as there could be.

His direction is impeccable – from the way the colours becomes warmer as Eilis grows, to the restraint he shows in the developing romance.

Julie Walters, of course, finds every nuance of humour in Mrs Kehoe, who's both prim and warm.

I have to assume there is a deleted scene that shows the Unsullied breaking free—maybe one that didn’t even get filmed—that was cut for time.

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