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The deal contains million guaranteed and a million signing bonus.

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Benching him would be another questionable move from a regime that's traded away Sammy Watkins and reduced Marcell Dareus to a part-time role.

Glenn is making $12M annually and clearly Buffalo's best tackle.

I had hoped that these kind of stories were just made up rumours, maybe we have all been naive.

The Glenn is hard to avoid if you want the full Alaska experience.

It's possible the Bills keep rookie Dion Dawkins at left tackle coming out of their Week 6 bye, with Glenn moving to the right side.

Glenn is active but isn't healthy enough to start after missing the last two weeks.We need more Americans like him (or them, I now hear there were possibly two good guys wo stopped up to engage the bad guy).5/3/2016: Signed a five-year, million contract.Dion Dawkins will remain at left tackle, with Jordan Millis playing the right side.The Bills also surprisingly made RG John Miller a healthy scratch, leaving Vlad Ducasse to match up with DT Geno Atkins.Last night, when I got back to my motel, I turned on the news and heard the sad and terrible news about the shooting in Texas.

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