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It was just every bad quality you could think about in one house."Do you think that's because they had watched the show and knew how to play? I know Kasey and Vienna had a huge advantage beforehand living in LA and going to a lot of the reunions.They formed these alliances weeks before the show and people like me, Jackie, Ames and Jake didn't have much of a shot. It was just a really tough time this year."Did you think you could be manipulative enough to win the prize?The people I could really trust were Jackie, Ames and Jake.

The bad blood between cast members on "Bachelor Pad" has spilled into real life ...

so says one of the losers who claims Graham Bunn punched him in the face at a nightclub this week.

As much as I didn't agree with him giving her the rose, I understand that rose meant to him, 'I'm sorry for whatever. He just wanted to do something to break the fight between them.

His strategy didn't work but he's genuinely one of the best people I've ever had the opportunity to meet in my life and I'm proud to say I'm his friend."What is your relationship with Vienna and Kasey like now?

We hung out all the time in New York, I always participated in his charity and did whatever I could to help him out.

Being on the show and him talking about me and at one point even ignoring me and then voting me off..., decided to play the game once more, but made the shock decision to voluntarily walk off the show this week after learning close friend Graham Bunn had shared her strategy on voting out Kasey Kahl and Vienna Girardi to Kasey himself.Here's what she told reporters about her relationships with Graham, Jake, Vienna and Kasey now: Was it that one moment with Graham that made you want to leave or was it a combination of things that had built up? Being on the show last year and knowing what to expect, and then being on the show this year and not having one person being honest...It wasn't worth me staying there any more and feeling the way I was."Do you have any regrets about leaving the way you did?"The one regret I have leaving is that I wish I'd spoken my mind a little more before I left, and told people what they are doing is wrong in every way. Last year everyone was strategizing but they were doing it in a normal way.Do you think he was being honest about wanting to extend an olive branch or just trying to appear as a good guy to the viewers?

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