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We talked a lot, especially because Gerry is such a complicated character to understand why he was doing what he did — why he made these decisions. Each of the times, it was very brief, and — without going into too much [detail], he has good days, and he has bad days — when I met him, it was difficult for him to communicate on those days, so I got to speak to him very, very briefly, but he was a big fan. He was aware of everything going on, and to be honest, he made these mistakes when he was younger. He wanted to tell it as truthfully as the musical could do and not just sugarcoat it because he knows that he made mistakes back then. Tell me about leaving "Degrassi" behind to pursue theatre school. JE: I did "Degrassi" for five years in Toronto, and I made the decision to quit the show to go to theatre school, which a lot of people thought I was really crazy to do, but it was one of those major decisions in my life that I haven't regretted — hopefully I won't! I was almost embarrassed by the kind of attention I was getting from this show, and I wanted to feel proud of the work I was doing, so I made this really scary decision to go to a theatre school, and it was amazing for me. From school, teachers of mine cast me in productions in Toronto, and then from there, I went to an open call for the Spring Awakening [first national] tour and eventually got cast on tour as Melchior.

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and Aubrey Graham, now better known by his middle name, Drake!

That explains the latkes in the De Grassi cafeteria...

I mean, I would tell people I was playing Spider-Man, and people would just break out laughing because it was so ridiculous! To be able to lead a musical like that — of that size…! I related so much to Spider-Man, and I felt like I was an outsider in New York City as a Canadian [and also] as somebody who didn't really do musical theatre…

I sang in bands all of my life, and all of a sudden I was starring in this big Broadway musical. I always felt very safe, but all the flying was definitely freaky. PUTTING THE BOMP (IN THE BOMP, BOMP, BOMP) Longtime Jersey Boy Jarrod Spector began singing professionally at three years old.

The decision to leave "Degrassi" was a bit nerve-wracking? I was 19 at the time, and I was so unhappy, and I knew that I was too young to be that unhappy.

I come from an academic family, [so] if you do something, you go to school for it. I never felt like I was leaving the film world behind.What did you learn about Gerry Goffin when you first read the script?I find him to be such an interesting character in Beautiful — he straddles the lines of good guy and bad guy.Tell me about making your Broadway debut in Spider-Man and flying over an audience. [Laughs.] I mean, there's just nothing funnier or crazier than that — doing your Broadway debut as Spider-Man in Spider-Man the musical.It was like the last thing I could have ever possibly imagined happening.Jake's new movie with Aubrey, Anton Yelchin and Kat Dennings is also about school, and it's called .


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